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Divinely Guided,
Soul Frequency Attunements

We are made of Energy. In fact, everything in the world is made of Energy. In every living Being - plants and animals, there is a source of life force Energy that is sometimes referred to as Prana or Chi. Through subtle energy pathways called nadis, the vital life force Energy flows.


There are 2 types of energies - physical and subtle. Subtle energy is difficult to measure yet, just like ultraviolet light and certain sound frequencies that humans generally can't see and hear, it is real. The subtle energy structure consists of Fields, Channels and Bodies. Our Chakras are major energy centers in the body, where many minor meridians or energy pathways intersect. Chakra literally means "wheel" in Sanskrit and are sometimes described as wheels of Energy throughout the body.

Extending out from our physical body are 12 layers in our Auric field. Each of the auric fields opens to different energy planes and also is connected to a Chakra. Imbalance results when there is a blockage in the flow of Energy in these various energetic systems. Left unchecked, these imbalances can lead to dysfunction and/or disease at the physical level.

The layers of the auric field, described by Barbara Ann Brennan.


With Divinely Guided,  Christ-Centered Energy Attunements we are connecting to the unique energetic pattern of a being - person or animal. Through this connection, the root cause of imbalances at all levels of body, mind, and spirit can be identified. Blockages and lower vibrational energy patterns can be released, cleared, adjusted, balanced and transmuted. In doing so, positive shifts in all aspects of our lives can be experienced.


Being in tune with and balanced in your whole energy  body (auric field, chakras, nadis, and meridians) is essential for improving and maintaining your overall        health and wellbeing. As a Facilitator, I hold High-Frequency Energies that enable the expansion of Light; allowing people to Shift. My service originates from the Heart with compassion and comes from a place of unconditional love and connection with the Holy Spirit. Although I Am a Reiki Master Teacher, I feel Reiki just opened the door to Allow me to become a Clear Conduit of the God Most High's Radiant LoveLight.


In addition to flowing Divine Energy, I also incorporate Crystals, Toning and Vibrational Sound Healing (bowls, tuning forks, drums, koshi chimes) and Aromatherapy. During your session, you are supported to regain balance  within and reclaim the inherent wholeness and perfection that You Are.


When Guided by the Divine, many layers can be addressed at the same time. By using a holistic approach to work with the whole being and their life issues, we are able to clearly see the context of an issue and its impact on their overall well-being. Sometimes that involves taking time to look past the manifested symptoms to get to the heart of where the imbalance is rooted so it can be adjusted back to the natural state of homeostasis - the Restoration of our Divine Blueprint.


Who Benefits From This Kind of Energy Work?

Literally everyone! This is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness - from colds, the flu, headaches, and stomach aches to serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. It also works in conjunction with all other conventional medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


What to Expect During an Energy Attunement Session.

Experiences during a session vary from person to person. Some people feel heat, cold, tingling, waves of energy, or nothing at all. The most commonly reported benefits are increased and smoother energy, greater calmness and a sense of balance. The energy encourages the recipient to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings, leading to a state of peace and well-being. Clients often experience physical, emotional and spiritual release during a session.


Distance Energy Work.

Distance attunements, also known as remote tuning, is an energetic process that can be best explained through the principles of Quantum physics. It has been proven to be extremely effective, sometimes even more effective than local, hands-on healing. Quantum physics shows us that everything is made up of energy, and everything is connected. Everything is part of the same, continuous whole. Long distance energy work is like “wireless” healing. We accept that cell phones, televisions and even our garage door openers work in this wireless way. It’s not much of a leap to accept that all energy travels that way, including the energy of healing.

In a remote energy attunement session, the practitioner connects with the person or animal requesting the healing energetically. Every living being has a unique frequency and the practitioner tunes into that unique energy. We are all part of the same unified field of consciousness, and it’s simply a question of “dialing in” to the correct frequency. Once the connection is made, the practitioner sends the healing energy to the recipient.
Recipients of distance healing report the same sensations recipients of hands-on healing experience, such as a sense of heat or tingling in certain parts of the body, a sense of calm and peace, and a deep sense of relaxation.

For both distance and in-person sessions, I invite people to set intentions for our time together and share them with me at least 24 hours before we meet. I take your intentions into meditation and ask to be imparted with the frequencies necessary to best support what you have intended. I Am called to gather crystal allies that act as powerful amplifiers of Energies and follow Intuitive Guidance to create a personalized crystal grid that will be set during your session.

In-person sessions that take place at the SólGaia Center for Illumined Hearts  generally run 3-5 hours in length. If desired, sessions include a tour of the Blue Heart Animal Sanctuary, Energy Vortexes and Special Sacred places on this ancient Cherokee land, breathwork, sungazing and time in the crystal clear cool mountain streams. You are also invited to bring an empty gallon jug to take home some of the magnificent Living, Crystalline, Gravity Fed Spring Water that Flows from the top of the Mountain.


Distance sessions are generally 2-3 hours and also includes a video chat tour of the land, visit with the animals and breathwork.


During your discovery call, we can discuss the Sacred Exchange for this Service.

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30 minute Discovery calls are Free.

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