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* Jen

"I’m so glad I booked this for myself while feeling overwhelmed with work crisis and daily life unhappiness. I was excited to step into sanctuary land, meet the animals, pet happy dogs, hoping to feel more calm in myself, and looking forward to guidance from a spiritual leader. This experience exceeded my expectations in the best way. You will find the sanctuary delightfully charming. You will love the family of pugs excitedly coming to greet you. This is THE kind of experience to book if you love animals but want to avoid zoos. The goats and sheep have so much land and natural geography to roam. It’s amazing to see gentle animals in their authentic environments and be able to walk right up to them. When you meet (Amma) you will feel her golden aura immediately. Do you ever feel like you walk through a crowd and no one really sticks out to you? There’s hundreds of people but you don’t really focus on anyone? (Amma) has a one of a kind, radiating sun-like energy warmth presence. I felt like I was walking next to a manifestation of a Phoenix force. (Amma) took me on a full tour of the sanctuary. She made sure I was comfortable before taking any new steps and answered my countless questions. While we were on our spiritual walk I couldn’t take my eyes off the path covered with sparkling gemstone mica pieces. The sanctuary is on mountainside so we hiked upstream and I loved taking my shoes off to walk barefoot to a stream for a meditation session. This place was a rare experience to touch and feel stunning mountain geography features and tune into the energy forces from nature. (Amma) guided me with love and support into this experience. I’ve never taken the time or made plans to spiritually, emotionally, and physiologically look within myself. When you are totally new and looking for how to connect back to your inner child, to connect with nature and Earth again, (Amma) provides understanding that feels like a strong hand reaching to help you up. It was Beautiful. It was Illuminating. It was Enlightening. It was Peace."

"When (Amma)  was starting to do the Energy work on me, I had an immediate sense that this was an otherworldly experience unfolding, and I felt so grateful that it was to be 90 minutes of bliss. 

This allowed me to release myself from busy mind chatter and relax into my I AM PRESENCE and into this eternal moment. She was wholly present to my physical body, and my etheric body, and to whatever was emerging spontaneously from the field that we were sharing. At times as she was gently releasing my tensed up fascia tissues, she was also tuning into sounds heard from another plane and voicing them as a sort of soft cosmic melody. The end of the session was as blissful as all the rest, leaving me in a state of homeostasis, stillness, calm, and deep gratitude for what had just occurred."

- Richard C.

"(Amma) is a rare find.  She combines intuition with skill and sensitivity to create genuine results. Most energy workers create a temporary shift. Amma has the ability to address whats going on with you in a way that can bring new ideas regarding your situation: therefore allowing new solutions to come forth. 

I see se as one of a handful of practitioners who really gets to the root of a problem not only through treatment, but through her words and demonstration. I trust her. I feel safe and cared for when I am with her. For me, that is a HUGE part of any healing process." - Hara T.

"(Amma), I must say that there is nothing small about you. What an awesome healer you are. I am so grateful to for your session. So many things were healed during that session. You were able to bring in so much energy and heal traumas that many had attempted and we only able to control in a limited way. The clarity and strength I feel now is just undesirable. And I somehow managed to receive the no pain thing too. Even in my continued emotional processing. If you have things that need work, I would strongly you at least have a chat with her. Healer extraordinaire." -  Mary P.

"My experiences with (Amma) have been so clearing, healing and on-going, manifesting, creating and growing. I was filled with love and I truly felt the love now, that I never received from my mother! Joy! Love! Supported!

Other attunments were received in her personalized customized session. She tuned into crystals, legions light and support was instilled in me. Sisterhood was solidified. I am changed, I am New, I am Love. I  very much recommend a session with (Amma)" - Dyan B.

"There’s a few indications I’ve been shown that reveal who is authentic but the one that was emphasized most is how much they charge for what they do. I’ve seen some who charge thousands for much less than what you do for those who are guided to you. I was told that if any teacher or healer starts raising their prices or is attempting to manifest a lavish lifestyle from any gifts they may have the number of people that are guided to them will start reducing. If they don’t see that as a sign that they’ve gone astray from the light there will be none truly guided to them.  You charge so little for what is about a three hour session plus the time you spend preparing and even money you put out gathering items you’re guided to use. The people I am guided to send to you are fully aware that you’re not in it for the money, you’re a true servant who absolutely loves being chosen to be the vessel of light and love for others. Everyone that comes to you will witness that and they’ll also be guided to send others to you. You’ll never have to raise your price because you’re going to be  blessed with high numbers of clients and many will want to experience what you do more than once."  - George M.

"Girl, that was the BEST bodywork session I have ever had. I have never felt so relaxed. You have a Beautiful gift. Thank You!" - Jenny H.

"Wow! I am blown away. I could totally feel the Connection that You have to God. That was a truly Amazing experience! I am at a loss for words." - Michael C.

"Ever since you put your hands on me, the pain that I have had in my gut (Chrone's disease and impaled through the rectum in a helicopter crash) is completely gone for the first time in over 30 years." - Charles S.

"I have had a dinner plate size hot spot in the middle of my back for as long as I can remember and it's gone. I'm in shock, how did you do it?" - Ricky D.

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