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Energy Healing
for Animals



Just like people, animals have a physical body and an Energy body. When the Energy body is balanced and in alignment, the physical body is a reflection of that healthy state. But, if areas of stagnation develop and the Energy body becomes out of balance, the physical body reflects that with sickness and disease. By detecting energetic imbalances, illnesses can be prevented before they manifest in physical form. 


If an animal shows symptoms or an illness has already manifested in the physical body, clearing and balancing the Energy body can alleviate both acute and chronic conditions in virtually every system of the body - digestive, immune, respiratory, lymphatic, cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular, nervous, reproductive, urinary, etc.  Energy attunements do not see illness and physically manifested symptoms as the enemy but, rather an indicator of an underlying imbalance. 


Another factor in the overall health of our beloved animals is their emotions - their thoughts and feelings are Energy. When are our pets are in stressful situations or if they have faced any traumatic events, negative energies accumulate in their Energy field and this results in an imbalance. Energy attunement sessions clear these stuck energies and can assist in regaining emotional balance.  Conditions such as separation anxiety, fears & phobias, trauma from being attacked at the dog park, nervousness & anxiety, depression, grief, etc. can all be supported with the use of Energy Attunements.


Your pet’s ability to self-heal can be supported by regular Energy work! When your pet's life force energy or prana is high, they are likely to be healthy and balanced. They are generally more relaxed and less likely to get sick. When it is low, they’ll often be more easily affected by stress and less resistant to illness.


Shivani is a Facilitator. She holds High-Frequency Energies that enable shifts using a synergistic combination of Integrated and Intuitive Energy Attunement modalities for animals including the Flow of Divine LoveLight, Chakra Balancing, and Sound Resonance. 

Animal Chakras

Are you aware that animals have a Chakra system too?  Of course, they do! There are 7 main Chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown) and with additional ones in the Nose, Ear, Paw, and Tail. Energy Attunement sessions can help maintain balance and alignment in these powerful Energy Centers within our pet's bodies. 




















What are the Benefits?


Energy Attunements relieve stress and enhances the overall well-being of animals. It aids in maintaining balance in the physical, emotional and mental areas of their lives. Some of the numerous benefits include deep relaxation and assistance in overcoming fears and anxiety, immune system strengthening, accelerated healing after surgery or illness, relaxation to facilitate and enhance the body's natural healing response, improved behavior, and more effective training. 


What Should I Expect During My Pet's Healing Session?


Energy Attunement sessions for animals typically last 60 minutes and can be delivered either hands-on or from a distance.  Most animals love Energy work and will naturally gravitate toward the energy. Some pets may be more comfortable receiving Energy treatments from a slight distance.  Whether given directly hands-on, from across the room or online, the effectiveness is the same.


The frequency of treatments can be tailored to suit your animal's health and needs. Some health and behavior issues can be resolved in 2-3 sessions, while others may take a more intensive protocol of treatments.

Distance sessions are done over Zoom or Skype. Your animal does not necessarily have to be present for them to receive the benefits.

In-person, hands-on sessions take place in the comfort of your home or at your location anywhere in the Western North Carolina and Tri-Cities Tennessee area; including the city of Asheville, Johnson City and all towns in between...

During Your Discovery Call, we can discuss the Sacred Exchange for this Service.

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