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Holistic Life Coaching and  Ascension Mentoring


 Are you seeking ways to Liberate yourself from recurring life patterns, fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs that have blocked your ability to  feel truly happy and satisfied in life?

 Is there an inner voice calling for you to step out and show up in a greater way?

 Would you like to tap into your innate wisdom and align with your true purpose to create a more meaningful life?

Do you find yourself triggered by family, co-workers, strangers, and overall, what you’re observing in the outside reflection?

Does it seem like you’re riding a roller coaster of 5D highs and 3D lows that makes it feel like you have one foot in both worlds?

 Do you regularly book sessions with  “healers” and take workshops with   “gurus” and have yet to see any tangible positive outcomes?

 Are you feeling stuck and desperate to “level up” to a higher state of consciousness but feel like you are missing the key to effectively make the shift?

Do you recognize that you would benefit from having more balance in your life and a more intentional, mindful life experience?

Are you ready to revitalize and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit to
turn back the hands of “time” and become the greatest version of yourself?

If you are ready, then I invite you to take the next step in remembering who you are and what it is you came here to do!  Make the commitment to put yourself first and Reclaim your Sovereign Power —  move from struggle to Flow… from fear to Love… and from merely surviving to Truly Thriving!



NOW is the time. Take the initiative and through inspired action, you can start living life to your best and highest potential.

I am honored to be an advocate for you; supporting you on this beautiful journey. I offer Holistic Life Coaching and Ascension Mentoring that shines a light on the programs, densities and distortions that keep you stressed and anxious; ultimately preventing you from attaining peace and balance in your life. 

I serve as a mirror to reflect your intentions and share insights that can help you gain awareness of your motivations and accept responsibility for any perceived limitations you claim. The Seeing is the Freeing!

My approach focuses on presenting you with an abundance of tools and techniques that will Empower You to embrace a "LoveLight" Shift in perspective and consciousness. These practical yet powerful tools will provide you with solid skills so you can easily create a whole, new balanced life that is abundant with ease and grace, purpose and passion.

Together, we can approach every aspect, belief and needs of your life – body, mind and spirit – to support you in aligning with the joy and peace you’ve been seeking.

There’s nothing that can prevent you from reaching your full potential for a swift and lasting transformation.

Benefits to a LoveLight Shift:

  • Increase conscious awareness

  • Restore balance and bring homeostasis

  • Improve sense of wholeness and


  • Develop and trust inner knowing and


  • Cultivate confidence and inner strength

  • Become more bold in your authentic


  • Expand, strengthen and protect your

      energy field

  • Deepen self-love

  • Live more fully in the present moment

  • Enhance feelings of gratitude

  • Consciously create and manifest life

      you desire

  • Feel more closely connected to The Divine

It’s time to release the past, embrace the future and live fully in the power of the present moment. Drop any resistance to change and know that you are supported as you rapidly Shift to into a place of receptivity so you can obtain optimal, vibrant health and well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s collaborate and strategize a plan to revitalize, enhance and upgrade your life experience so you are able to readily achieve all your goals and dreams.  

Start Now… with Your complimentary Discovery call.

It’s an opportunity for us to connect so we can get a feel if it resonates for us to work together. During this session, you’re invited to express any challenges or perceived obstacles in your life experience and your goals, intentions and vision. What you feel called to share will enable me to support you in the best possible way and help you decide if partnering with me is in resonance with you.

One:One, Heart-to-Heart Sessions

In our one: one sessions, we will be connecting heart-to-heart with an invitation for you to share all that is important to you… your challenges, your desires, goals and dreams. A comprehensive and personalized program that is tailored to your own needs, will empower you to have the tools and techniques, knowledge and awareness to successfully embody physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Embracing the life you were meant to live requires dedication and devotion. If you are willing to make the commitment, You can expect to gain greater clarity, feel more connected, and bear witness to the rapid and miraculous shifts in the the quality of your life.

All Sessions are facilitated via Webex, Skype, Messenger, by phone or in person.

During your discovery call, we can discuss the Sacred Exchange for this Service.

~~ Reach out today for Your complimentary Discovery call. ~~

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