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The Guide to Expand
Your LoveLight

Explore Highly Effective Strategies Designed to Open Your Heart and Expand Your Light.

This Free download offers tools, tips and practices that will give you the foundation to navigate through any turbulence in your life experience with greater
Ease and Grace. By implementing the resources found within this Guide , you'll soon be able to stay Peaceful and Aligned regardless of the outer circumstances.

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Greetings and Welcome to
Divine Liberations

As a Catalyst & Activator holding a High Vibration Energetic Signature, it’s an honor to be of service as a clear conduit for Source, God, Creator; sharing the frequency of Pure Divine Love. My exclusive "LoveLight Lift” is a unique healing modality that transmutes dense & discordant energies, removes cords & attachments, strengthens energy fields, balances auras, aligns chakras, expands light and shifts Creation. The alchemy of energies shared creates a harmonic resonance that can recalibrate and activate dormant DNA and unify all aspects (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) of Being. The resulting Soul Frequency Attunement can be the spark of inspiration people need to Shift into a greater remembrance of their True Soul Essence, for a complete restoration of their Divine Perfection.


I believe in leading by example and serve to assist others by supporting all aspects of their evolution and expansion -- mind, body, and spirit. As a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Nutrition Consultant, I seek to empower others on their journey of Conscious Awakening. By authentically connecting Heart-to-Heart, together we can lift the veil and shine a light on the programs, distortions and patterns that may be keeping you stuck & stagnant. My life path has given me the opportunity to experience the epitome of duality. By fully surrendering to Spirit and releasing the ego, I have the perspective that everything is happening for us - not to us.  It brings me tremendous joy to offer Ascension Mentoring, sharing the beneficial tools and practices that give us the ability to maintain our 5D vibrational frequency in spite of the 3D/4D chaos that may appear in the outside reflection. This Enlightened perspective allows Us to Shift into a Glorious life of Ease and Grace.


In 2001, I founded the Blue Heart Sanctuary, a non-profit animal rescue nestled on 40 pristine acres in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Our philosophy is "Love in Action," Peace and Compassion. One of my greatest joys is to be able to provide a refuge of love and peace for animals who have experienced trauma and abuse. I recognize the tremendous benefit that comes through the energy healing work I do with animals. In addition to the animals at the Sanctuary, I also offer in-person and distance energy healing to all kinds of animals


While I have and always will be dedicated to the Love and care of animals in need, I have been shown an expanded vision of the Sanctuary that includes the creation of the SólGaia Center for Illumined Hearts; a space dedicated as a Kingdom of God. This Center is the site of many spiritual programs, ceremonies, meditations, and individual/groups retreats.  This Sacred Land is offered as a place for individuals to Grow & Evolve Spiritually, Balance & Harmonize Mentally, Heal & Rejuvenate Physically for the Expansion and Embodiment of the Highest Consciousness of Christ. By simply stepping foot on this extraordinary land, people can become Entrained with the Divine Frequency of Unconditional Love that has been cultivated here.

Are you done with being exhausted, stressed out, and overwhelmed by the demands of life?

Do you recognize there is another way? Life is not meant to be a struggle - it's supposed to be joyful and free. 

Let's collaborate to implement meaningful strategies that allow you to stop circling,  so you can break free from repeating the patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.  It's time to release the blocks and let go of the resistance that prevents your joy, confidence and ultimate satisfaction in life.  We can work together to Support You in regaining balance in all areas of your life and tap back into your own Sovereign Power to Claim your Best and Highest good.

The time is NOW, My Loves.  Your Divine Liberation awaits!


LoveLight Lift Energy Healing

High Vibration Nutrition Consulting

Ascension Mentoring
Holistic Life



SólGaia  Center for
Illumined Hearts

Blue Heart Animal Sanctuary

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It's time to cut the ties to the densities, distortions and attachments to the things that no longer serve you.

Surrender and Trust as You step into the Greatness of who You Really Are.

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Take the first step to regaining peace, balance and harmony in all areas of your life.  Discover how we can collaborate- Empowering YOU to Expand and Evolve for the Fulfillment of your own

Divine Liberation.

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