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Loving,  Supportive and Compassionate

Michelle Jean is an Activator & Catalyst who holds High Vibration Energetic Frequencies that facilitate people in Expanding their Light and Shifting their current creation - whether it be physical, emotional or mental - into something Authentic, True, and Divine.


Michelle is a Level III Reiki Master Teacher, Certified

Holistic Life Coach, Divinely-Guided and Heart-

Centered, Energy Facilitator who honors each person

as a unique individual.


Michelle meets clients where they are on their journey

and empowers them to incorporate simple lifestyle

changes that make a lasting impact. Her clients are

able to stop circling - breaking free from repeating

the similar patterns of behaviors that no longer serve

them.  She allows clients to let go of the 

resistance that blocks their joy, confidence, and

ultimate satisfaction in life.  


It is her mission to help her clients step into the

Greatness of who they are. Inspiring them to

discover their Divine Essence, find their

voice, and regain their personal power. 


Michellei is an Animal Empath and is able to

connect in with and communicate with animals telepathically. Meaning, she intuitively senses what animals 

are feeling physically and emotionally and then uses that information to guide the Divine Healing Energies.

As the founder of the Blue Heart Sanctuary, she has extensive experience working with and healing companion and farm animals. Believing that ALL animals are sentient beings who emanate unconditional love, Michelle firmly holds that like us, they deserve to live a life of peace, love, and compassion. 


Michelle is connected to the Divine and the Angelic Realms and is committed to serving her clients (human or animal) by offering high quality, in-depth services that empower people to take charge of their own health and the health of their animals.


Providing in-person and distance Heart-Centered Energy Attunement sessions for people and animals all over the world, her specialty is to use the power of Cymatics, (Vibrational Sound Healing), Crystals, Reiki, Aromatherapy and more to assist her clients in finding Divine Liberations.  She offers sessions that focus on facilitating your self-growth in all aspects of life - high vibration nutrition, meditation & mindfulness training, and more. 



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